Past Events

27 Jan 2020 to 28 Jan 2020


The ...

10 May 2018

CellViewer is organising the Visualising Nuclear Structure and Epigenetics sympossium in Cyprus. In this symposium we will discuss state-of-the-art approaches to visualize and dissect how nuclear architecture and epigenetics cross talk and how they regulate their function.

21 Mar 2017 to 23 Mar 2017

Next 21st of March will take place the 1st annual meeting of CellViewer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After one year of the project all the CellViewer community will meet to share their research results.

Together with the meeting, the Imaging Chromatin minisymposium will take...

24 Feb 2016 to 25 Feb 2016

Last February took place CellViewer KO meeting.